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Tips for Feeds
headlines Like press releases or web page titles you need to draw the visitor in. The headline should draw the reader in but not mislead them as to the contents or the visitor will simply opt-out of your feed. Headlines should not exceed 10-12 words.
meaningful links Every item in the feed should contain a unique link, that provides the visitor additional information or content.
related descriptions Provide a description that relates to the content and is meaningful to the visitor. The description should be relevant; provide enough data to convey what the content is about but not enough that they won't be enticed to get more information. Use "teaser" copy.
character encoding If you are using software like FeedForAll to create your feeds, it will encode any special characters in the feed for you. If you are creating the feed by hand you will need to be especially careful to encode any special characters.
consistency Define a schedule and adhere to that schedule, so visitors know when to expect new content. This will also increase the likelihood of another site syndicate your feed. Feeds that are updated on a regular basis are far more interesting.






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