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Introduction to RSS:
The following RSS PPT does a pretty good job of providing an overview to RSS.
Understanding RSS:

There is more to RSS than meets the eye. RSS is a standard for distributing content in a succinct way. The biggest benefits to RSS is that it allows users to opt-in, as a result RSS has flourished. Users appreciate that they control the content they recieve. The formula is easy if publishers provide consistent quality feeds, users will stay tuned, if the feeds become laden with ads or irrelevant content users will opt-out. More on Understanding RSS

Reading RSS Feeds:

Users can subscribe to feeds using desktop readers, web based news aggregators or similar tools. Users simply provide the url of the feed they wish to subscribe, each time content is added to the RSS feed, the feed is updated in their reader.

Writing Feeds:

Feeds are created using XML a markup language, they can be coded using a text editor like notepad or users can use an RSS feed creation tool like FeedForAll that will make things easy.





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