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Creating RSS Feeds
1.) Creating a Feed The specification can seem overwhelming to those not familiar with markup languages, fortunately there are software tools, like FeedForAll that make feed creation easy for both beginners and novices. If you are bound and determined to hand-code a feed I recommend the make RSS feeds site that provides a step by step coding walk through.
2.) Determine Content

RSS feed can be used an number of ways. The idea is for a feed to contain content that will be updated on a regular basis.

3.) Download Software The software we recommend is FeedForAll which makes the creation of feeds simple for even Internet beginners.
The software allows you to enter information into the fields. The software will format the information in a way that will conform to the RSS 2.0 specificaiton.
4.) Enter Data in Main Fields

The important fields are:

Channel - title, description & links
Item - title, description & links

If you are using software it will automatically insert the publish dates.

5.) Submit Feed A number of sites index rss feeds. It is important to submit your rss feed (xml file) to these sites when it is created. These sites are similar to web search engines like google, but they simply index feeds rather than websites.






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